Project subject:

A tool created for game developers that allows them to record various character animations using VR equipment. Virtual reality setups enable capturing the position of hands, legs, head, and back, allowing for estimating the player’s entire position.

Why we are working on this:

  • The project will generate the first commercial revenue for the Technology Park and will be a significant element in the portfolio, opening the way for contracts from the GameDev industry.
  • The projected global growth rate of the gaming market is 10.3% YoY, with consumer spending on games expected to reach $180 billion in 2021 (compared to $70.6 billion in 2012).
  • The number of game developers with direct access to VR equipment already exceeds 25% of all developers. Additionally, the popularity of virtual reality is increasing every month.
  • Animation costs are a significant component of game production expenses. Implementing this solution will result in significant savings.
  • Two other factors should contribute to the success of the implementation:
    ○ The solution is dedicated to the currently most popular game engine, Unity.
    ○ A representative from the industry was involved in the production process.
Project Information
Status: Implemented
Technologies Used: Unity, C#, MonoBehaviour, HTC Vive
Technology Partner: Empyrean Games
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