WeDeliverAI provides machine learning-based solutions that automate and streamline document workflows within a company. These solutions include:

  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) – a program that converts uploaded documents into PDF/A format and extracts text from them. It is useful for both users, as it facilitates working with documents, and other programs. It can be used independently or as part of a larger
  • Classifier – a robot for automatic categorization of documents into predefined groups. It can distinguish between invoices, orders, CVs, or determine which department in the company a
    specific invoice should be directed to.
  • Text Similarity – a program that examines the similarities between uploaded documents and those already present in the database/archive. It helps find documents with similar content and excludes duplicates.
  • Data Capture – the most advanced robot that extracts necessary information from invoice texts, such as invoice number, buyer and seller tax identification numbers (NIP), VAT rates, or bank account numbers. It virtually eliminates the need for tedious manual data entry. An additional feature is the ability to train the robot for specific frequently used document templates within the company, not limited to invoices but also orders or forms.
  • Anomaly Detection – a program that detects data entries that deviate from the norm. Based on specified parameters (e.g., user, document submission time, amount, number of documents over time), it determines the document’s security level. When a predefined
    threshold is exceeded, it alerts the user in real-time.

Description Team:

  • Bartłomiej Medygrał – Technical Leader, AI Researcher, and Developer / Team Leader, AI Programmer
  • Krzysztof Myjak – Machine Learning Engineer, AI Researcher, and Developer / System Architect, AI Programmer
  • Kamil Siwecki – Data Scientist, AI Researcher, and Developer / Data Analyst, AI Programmer
Project Information
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